Below you will find what your property needs to be good as new

Reconstruction Operations

  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Bedroom wardrobe
  • Ripping inside doors
  • Ripping outside doors
  • Ripping outside frames
  • Moving away all debris
  • Designing your new kitchen
  • Ripping off the old cupboards and tiles
  • Constructing new hydraulic system
  • Constructing new cupboards
  • Putting new mixed battery
  • Putting sliding hood
  • Putting new tiles
  • New design of your bathroom
  • Ripping off old hydraulics
  • Ripping off old tiles, bathtub and boiler
  • Constructing new water  heater
  • Putting new tiles
  • Constructing new shower
  • Corners are fitted with INOX rods for a perfect finish
  • Putting new boiler
  • Putting bathroom furniture
  • Putting new mirror
  • Putting new batteries
  • Putting new accessories
Floor and Wooden floor
  • On the floor of the apartment is a large tile of your choice, from a wide range of quality A or Laminate floor to modern designs.
  • Any wooden floors in bedrooms after they have been laid and rubbed are coated with European quality lacquers.
  • The end result is perfect because the wood is a living organism and by scrubbing it we find new wood and its processing is like new from the beginning.
Bedroom Wardrobe
  • Constructing new wardrobe
  • The hinges are heavy duty Italian or German and of excellent quality.
  • Each wardrobe will also include a chest of drawers, as well as shelves and pipes everywhere up and down.
Inside Doors
  • Dismantling all the old interior doors and installing new ones, Laminate
Reinforced Door
  • We remove your old front door and put you in a new security shield
Aluminum Frames
  • Dismantle all old exterior frames, as well as any bathroom windows
  • Replacement of all frames with new aluminum or PVC
  • If the windows are open they will have a lock and peripheral locks, (except the bathroom which will only have a lock)
  • The balcony doors will have sliding or sliding screens (depending on what you get), while the vertical spring windows
  • New enhanced electrical installation by replacing the electrical panel and adding extra fuses and escape relays for better load distribution and maximum security for your property
  • Replace all cables with new ones except the floor boards (unless necessary to replace them)
  • The power cord from the panel to the PPC watch remains the same
  • Lines are installed for air conditioners in the living room and bedrooms
  • Lines for TV antenna with TV center. There you will also be able to attach satellite antenna on top of them
  • OTE lines in the bedrooms and the living room or wherever you point us
  • The kitchen has three or four sockets on the counter and hidden lighting lines under the hanging cabinets.
  • Switches and sockets are replaced
Installing Hydraulics
  • The water supply system will be of copper-plated mono-tube. Any soldering is done only on the walls and never on the floor
  • Drains and pipettes are reinforced plastic
  • The supply to the ΕΥΔΑΠ counter remains the same, unless we dig it out and then we will measure and tell you what the cost is
  • Will plaster all the scratches that will result from tearing down the bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • All excavations resulting from hydraulic and electrical installations will be plastered
  • After all the rest of the digging is done, the whole compartment (and the ceilings) are rubbed and after both surfaces are primed, two hands are painted.
  • On the balconies the railings and the facade wall are painted with its ceiling
  • All colors are eco-friendly

Your property will become really new and you will never have to work on it again.

You only have to call us, visit us free of charge, and after recording together the tasks required, we present you a detailed quote with a timetable and plans.

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